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DY bought the finished drawings, with rights, and ordered four boats from boat builder Svend Svendsen in Kastrup. These boats were finished, and were tested in the summer of 1929, and found fully sound and suitable as practice boats for boys in the junior division, between 10 – 19 years of age. Already the following year, KDY had two more boats under sail, and other clubs began to take an interest in the vessel. Hellerup Sailing Club was faced with the acquisition of a vessel for its junior section, and got KDY’s permission to build the boat according to the drawings, and in the summer of 1930, two clubs could race in the same boats for the first time. KDY with 6 boats, and HS with 3 boats. 

The biggest revolution came in the autumn of 1978. The final approval was given to manufacture the boat in fibreglass. 

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A circle of active junior boat sailors started during the national meeting in Ebeltoft 1963 the J-club, with the aim of bringing together Denmark’s privately owned junior boats, to make the boats the same, and to contribute to the development of the class. In order to live up to this purpose and to increase interest in the junior boat among private individuals, the club proposed that annual races for the Danish Championship be started within this type of boat.


This was approved by the Danish Sports Confederation on the condition that the boats were private, and the name changed to KDY 15 m2.