Dear friends of the Folke Junior,

Now it almost looks like we will soon be back on the water – maybe – depending on the region. There was enough time for winter work – if you were allowed to go to your boat in your region.
After Hartwig’s death, I was asked by many people about what is happening now with the organization of the class in Germany, with the long-standing relationships with Denmark, the single point of contact for the Folke Junior. My time is not enough to continue this work with my father’s intensity.
Let’s make it short. I am very happy and grateful – especially since I can now drive the 412 myself – that Thomas (Jönck) and Dietmar (Gottke) will continue the class work in the sense of the class. Thank you both.
Thomas will take care of all matters relating to the class and the owners, Dietmar will take care of the website and the contact to Denmark. Please support them wherever you can and keep the communication going. Here are the contact details of the two:

Thomas Jönck
+49 174 2573303

Dietmar Gottke
+49 151 20118651

So far for now – short and sweet. The J-412 “Maltorte” will now make the class better known in North Rhine-Westphalia – and I hope that the exchange between all of us will continue.

Thank you both!


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